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Unifor Local 462 has a long and convoluted history. This Local is the product of mergers between three Locals, 440 and 461 in April 1999 and Local 422, which joined the merger in Jan. 2000. The original Charters of the 3 Locals date back to the 1950's. 

Local 462 has had many staunch supporters within and outside of our Union, but we have also had our detractors and have had to struggle with Corporations and other Unions to stay alive. Within our Union, Local 462 has had the benefit of direction from devoted trade unionists such as George Ross and Robert McKay. Before the formation of Local 462 Bert Scott, Gord Reekie and a host of others had directed the three founding Locals over the decades
Local 462 has been affiliated with various Unions over the years. Back in 1993, the Canadian sector of “R.W.D.S.U.” divided from our American affiliates who wished to merge with “U.F.C.W.” The majority wanted a different home for our members, which is when our Union leaders and delegates from the membership chose the United Steelworkers of America. The American leadership of the R.W.D.S.U. did not accept this decision and our 3 founding Locals, as well as others such as Local 414 and Local 1000 were put under trusteeship and all the Local funds were frozen. Nevertheless we continued to serve our members during this turbulent time and eventually a settlement was reached. By the end of the seven-year trial merger period with the U.S.W.A. it was obvious that the merge was not working and that dissolution was inevitable.

Local 462 and our Sister Locals were not on our own for long. Merger discussions were initiated with CAW-Canada. CAW has traveled a similar path to us. They believe in democratic choice, and they didn’t feel their International Union was fully benefiting Canadian workers, so under the leadership of Bob White they broke former alliances to become a completely Canadian Union. One that was not subservient to the direction and priorities of an American leadership. Our Local and R.W.D.S.U. have had ongoing links and friendly relations with CAW for many years. CAW has had many successful mergers over the years including ours. Local 462 believes our alignment with CAW is a good one. We have been able to expand our education programs, increase our strike pay and with CAW input, we have gained access to a wealth of advice and expertise to continue servicing our members, the majority of whom work in the food-manufacturing sector.

Local 462 has always put the membership first, while we have had nearly a decade of transition years from one parent organization to another, we have always fought to keep our membership united. Local 462 members have stood by their Union brothers and sisters from other Locals, united in the fight against many corporate giants. Although we didn’t win all the battles our Local continues to fight the war against organizations that continue to abuse and exploit working people.

Today, Local 462 has a broad scope. We represent members in such diverse industries as Bakeries, Dairies, and Confectionery plants. There are also novelty manufacturers, food service workers, flooring distributors, coffin delivery, office cleaners, and a number of other general area workers. 
Local 462’s current executive was elected in 2016, by the membership of the Local. Since our Merger with CAW in 2000, Local 462 has taken control of it’s own affairs to a much larger degree than we ever could under the direction of our previous parent Unions. With teh creation of UNIFOR we will only get better. "It's Time." 

We have recently been going through many evolutionary changes and will continue to do so in the near future. History is not static but is a living process. Every month, every year and every decade will add another chapter.